About Chugoku Region
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What's Chugoku Region?
Chugoku Region
The Chugoku Region is located in the western part of Japan, and consists of the following prefectures: Tottori, Shimane, Okayama, Hiroshima and Yamaguchi.

It borders Kyushu, Shikoku, and Kinki regions, making it a transportation hub for all of western Japan.
The infrastructure includes advenced airports and seaports, with active movement of people and goods from this region to other parts of Japan and overseas.

Also, the Chugoku Region includes research and development businesses in the fields of electronics, biotechnology, and new materials, and is leading the world with its advanced technical power. Against this background of industrial concentration, more and more commercial research facilities, including national and other public experimental and research organizations, are being established in the region.
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  • Towards a More Vigorous Chugoku Region METI Strategies and Measures 2011 (444KB)
    (Announcement Date=2012/03/15)

    We held the conference to discuss about the strategies in order to make full use of the strength of Chugoku Region, develop independently and grow on March 3, 2011.
    We decided “Towards a More Vigorous Chugoku Region METI Strategies and Measures 2011” based on the discussion of the conference as our measures of 2011.
    (Edit by Chugoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry)
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  • Revision of “The outline of Chugoku Region In Japan“
    (Announcement Date=2020/12/22)

    We regularly make and release a pamphlet: “The outline of Chugoku Region In Japan.”
    It’s written comprehensively of major industries and traditional crafts, tourist resources such as the World Heritage sites, history and culture in the Chugoku region.
    Please take full advantage of it.

    Contents are as follows.
    • Introduction
    • Economic scale
    • Major industries & Traditional crafts
    • The World heritage, History & Culture
    • Scenery, Hot springs & Gourmet
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Investment Advantages of the Chugoku Region
Low Operating Costs
Both residential and commercial land prices in the Chugoku region are continuing to decrease. Warehouse and office building rental costs in this region are much lower than those in Tokyo and Osaka. Moreover, the average salary and related wages in each prefecture of the region are lower than the national average.
Highly Developed Transportation Network
The Chugoku region borders the Kyushu, Shikoku, and Kinki regions, making it a transportation hub for all of western Japan. The infrastructure includes international and regional airports, seaports, high-standard railways and expressways, enabling quick movement of people and goods from this region to other parts of Japan and overseas. You can ship your product or meet your business partners with ease and with competitive costs relative to those of Tokyo and Osaka.
Skilled Workforce
The advancement rate of high school graduates to universities and other institutions of higher education in the Chugoku region is 46.5% (based on "Survey Report of Schools," 2002), which is above the national rate. Whether it is local managers or entry-level staff, highly skilled human resources are abundant here.
High Technical Standards
In the Chugoku region, there are a number of companies engaged in research & development of advanced, cutting-edge technologies, and more than 100 research institutions. These include private research facilities, national and other public organizations that engage in experimental research.
Attractive Tax Incentives, Subsidies and Financing
A full set of incentives are available for businesses which are established in the Chugoku region. These include a variety of benefits in terms of national, prefectural, and city/town/village tax exemptions. Moreover, each prefecture offers its own subsidies, financing and other incentives.
Comfortable and Convenient Living Environment
The Chugoku region takes pride in its comfortable living environment.
The average housing space per person is larger than the national average, and prices are lower than those in Tokyo and Osaka.
This region is blessed with diversity of nature, offering a variety of leisure activities throughout the year, such as skiing, hiking, swimming, fishing, bird watching and so on.
Multilingual medical services and a high-quality education for international students are also available.
Successful Investment in the Chugoku Region
Many foreign corporations have succeeded as a result of their investment in the Chugoku region.
Vibracoustic (automobile parts), Gore-Tex (fabrics, medical supply), Visteon (automobile electronic parts), Webasto (automobile sunroofs), and Cable & Wireless IDC (telecommunication) are among them.
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Exploring Industry in the Chugoku Region
Exploring Industry in the Chugoku Region   ■"Chugoku region industry tour map" website

The “Chugoku region industry tour map”Open a New Window shows you a number of factories and facilities in the Chugoku region that are open to the public. We hope that this map will encourage elementary and junior high school students as well as many others to visit these factories and witness firsthand the production of many familiar goods. The experience is sure to deepen your understanding of industries in the Chugoku region.
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